A Short History of Hampton Court – List of Illustrations

 32 Cardinal Wolsey’s Arms as Archbishop of York

Henry VIII. at the Age of Forty-five

Great Elm Tree in the Home Park known as the ” Two Sisters,” or ” King Charles’s Swing
3 Bird’s-Eye View of Hampton Court, showing the extent of Wolsey’s Palace
7 West Front of Wolsey’s Palace
9 Gable. From Wolsey’s West Front
II Entrance to Katharine of Arragon’s Rooms
13 The Master Carpenter’s Court on the North Side of the First Court of Wolsey’s Palace
15 Entrance to the North Wing of the Palace, leading to the Offices .

17 The First Green Court, with the Cupolas restored
21 Arms of Cardinal Wolsey
23 Cardinal Wolsey’s Closet
24 One of Cardinal Wolsey’s Rooms
25 Decorative Frieze in Cardinal Wolsey’s Closet
26 Oriel Window in Wolsey’s First Green Court
27 Wolsey’s oak-panelled Room in the Clock Court
31 Cardinal Wolsey in Bed
33 Cardinal Wolsey
39 Wolsey’s Low Gallery, on the Ground Floor of the South Range, in the First Court
41 Cardinal Wolsey in Progress
43 Seizure of the Cardinal’s Goods
51 Henry VIII. and Anne Boleyn, sending tokens of Goodwill to the sick Cardinal
53 Lead Water-spout, put up by Henry VIII
57 Back Court, by the Great Kitchen
65 View of one of the old Offices in Henry VIII.’s Palace … .

67 The Great Kitchen
71 Entrance to Henry VIII.’s Cellars under the Hall and Great Watching Chamber
73 Old Lattice Window, with Ventilators of perforated Lead .. .

75 Anne Boleyn’s Gateway
78 Anne Boleyn
79 Exterior of the Great Hall. From the Clock Court
81 Great Bay Window on the Dais in the Great Hall
83 The Great Hall. From the Dais
85 Jane Seymour
87 View of the old East Front of Hampton Court Palace, as finished by Henry VIII
The Chapel
91 Carrying of Prince Edward to the Font
92 The Chapel Doorway
93 The Clock Court, as it appeared in the reign of Henry VIII. . .

95 The Ghost of Mrs. Penn, Edward VI. ‘s Nurse
99 The Chapel Court, as seen from Prince Edward’s (Edward VI.) Lodgings
101 View from the River Thames of the old Palace of Hampton Court, as finished by Henry VIII.
102 Henry VIII. and his Council
105 The Haunted Gallery
109 Henry VIII. ‘s Private Stairs in the Clock Court, leading to his Privy Chamber
no Henry VIII. playing on the Lute ; with his jester, Will Somers, singing
in Edward VI
113 The Duke of Somerset
115 Doorway of the Great Gate-house
116 The Great Gate-house, restored
117 Edward VI. and his Council
119 The Prison, so-called, in the Round Kitchen Court
121 Philip II. of Spain
123 View of the Chimneys of the Great Kitchen, Tennis Court Lane .

125 View of Hampton Court Palace from the Thames in the reign of Queen Mary
129 Queen Mary
131 ” My Lord Robert Dudley’s Picture ”
141 Round Kitchen Court
145 Carved Stone on Queen Elizabeth’s Window
148 Foot of the Great Hall Stairs
149 Old Leaden Water-spouts on Queen Elizabeth’s Stables . . .

151 The Fish Court
155 The Dungeon
159 Bay Window in the Great Watching Chamber
165 The Screens in the Great Hall
167 Entrance to the Buttery under the Pantry and Great Hall . . .

171 James I. out Hunting, ” Taking the Assay ”
189 King James 1
197 Charles I
205 Family of George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham
213 Charles I. and his Queen dining in Public
215 View of the North of the Palace in Tennis Court Lane … .

223 The Old Pond Garden
229 Parapet of the Great Hall as seen from the Roof
241 Mrs. Cromwell, ” the Lady Protectress ”
247 Old East Front of Hampton Court in the time of Charles II. .

269 Back Stairs to the Great Hall
279 Bird’s-Eye View of Hampton Court in the reign of William III. .

297 The Old Greenhouse, with an American Agave in flower, and Queen Mary’s Orange Trees
303 Queen Mary’s Bower

East Front and Great Fountain Garden
307 The South Front of William III.’s New Palace
309 The Colonnade
311 The Fountain Court
313 Pediment of a Window in the South Front, surmounted by William and Mary’s Coat-of-Arms
317 Screen and Gate of Wrought Iron formerly in the Gardens at Hampton Court
319 The King’s Great Staircase
325 The Flower-Pot Gate
327 The Maze
329 The King’s Guard Chamber
331 King William III.’s State Bedchamber
335 44 The Rape of the Lock”
357 The Queen’s State Bedchamber, showing the Ceiling painted by Sir James Thornhill in 1716
361 The Pavilions belonging to the Bowling Green at the end of the Terrace Walk at Hampton Court
365 View, looking eastward, of the Diagonal Walks in the Great Fountain Garden in the time of George II
377 The Pavilion, Hampton Court Park, the Seat of H.R.H. the Duke of Kent
386 North-East Angle of the old Palace, with the Gateway into Lady Mornington’s Garden
389 44 Purr Corner”
391 ” The Push ”
401 The House or Home Park and Long Canal
403 The Privy Garden
405 View, looking east, of the Long Canal and Great Avenue in the House or Home Park