The Nimrod Expedition (1907-1909)


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This piece is the announcement in the March issue of The Scottish Geographic Magazine 1907 of a New Antarctic Expedition (later known as the Nimrod Expedition) headed by the Anglo-Irish Polar Explorer Ernest Shackleton.  Shackleton was determined to make amends after he was sent home early from the Discovery Expedition (1901-1904) on health grounds.


The Nimrod Expedition (1907-1909)

New Antarctic Expedition.

Ernest Shackleton – Ice FieldMr. E . H. Shackleton, lately Secretary of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, is organising a new expedition to antarctic regions, which is to leave this country in October next.  The plans of the new expedition, as meantime outlined, are as follows:

On its departure the expedition will proceed to New Zealand, and thence will go down to the winter quarters of the Discovery in latitude 77 degrees 50′ S.  After landing a shore party of explorers, the ship will proceed back to Lyttelton, New Zealand, thus avoiding the risk of being frozen in like the Discovery, and in the following year she will return to pick up the explorers.  If funds permit, the expedition will land a party of men at Mount Melbourne, on the coast of Victoria Land, and will try to reach from that point, which is the most favourable, the south magnetic pole; but the main object of the explorers is to follow out the discoveries made on the southern sledge journey from the Discovery.

It is held that the southern sledge party of the Discovery would have reached a much higher altitude if they had been more adequately equipped for sledge work; and in the new expedition, in addition to dogs, Siberian ponies will be taken, as the surface of the land or ice over which the party will have to travel will be eminently suited for this mode of sledge travelling.  Further, a novel feature will be the taking of a special type of motor car suitable for use on the surface of the ice.  The members of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society will cordially wish that all success may attend Mr. Shackleton’s enterprise.

Excerpt from The The Scottish Geographical Magazine – Volume 23  – published in 1907


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