Pointmore.com re-direct to Ultrapedia.com

As of 23rd August visitors to www.pointmore.com are re-directed to our new Ultrapedia site.

We plan to phase out the pointmore site; the Forum, Blog and Library browse  from the pointmore site are still available via the links in the side panel to the left on the Ultrapedia home page.

We think you’ll agree its much improved.  Please try the new site out, and join us in the forum to let us know what you think.


The Ultrapedia Team

Drilldown Changes – 21st August

We’ve modified the drilldown functionality in ‘Quick View’, and we think you’ll agree its much improved. Here’s a rundown of the changes.

Search Results Page – Quick View – Side Panel Bookmarks

In ‘Quick View’ clicking on a bookmark in the side panel to the left, initiates a search based on the selected bookmark – returning a list of relevant books in the main content window. Previously it would jump to the occurrence of the selected bookmark within the text.

Search Results Page – Quick View – Main Content Window

Bookmarks are highlighted in the text in ‘Quick View’ in light blue, and mousing over and clicking will initiate a new search – returning a list of relevant books in the main content window. You can drilldown further by selecting another bookmark in the side panel and so on.

New Ultrapedia Website

Since the beginning of the year we’ve been refining the Library, the search interface and website. The Library has had a major overhaul, and you’ll now find our books easier to read and access. We’ve removed what we call the ‘padding’ to a book, which is all the stuff that isn’t relevant to the main body or skews a search query; like adverts, indexes, lists and tables, and its then been divided into smaller sections, making reading and retrieval far more efficient. Plates or images from a book have also been spooled off and we’re working on their presentation – more on this another time.

The website has totally changed. After you’ve performed a search you’ll see a panel down the left-hand side. In the panel are two main headings Genre and Bookmarks; Bookmarks is further divided into three categories – People, Places and Footnotes.

Every book relevant to your search query is analysed and all the People, Places and Footnotes found in the book(s) are shown in the panel in ‘hit’ order, along with the Genre. This is particularly useful when you’re researching a subject you dont know a lot about. You can use the links in the panel to further drill down your search, its also gives you a fair indication of the importance of the people, places and footnotes in the book, as well as offering avenues of discovery you might not have otherwise thought of.

In the centre of your screen are your search results with a few lines from each book along with the book Title and Author. Select ‘Quick View’ to view the full text of the book, or View, to view or download the book in its native PDF format – all the hits are highlighted, with hit to hit navigation so you can easily jump between results.

Our legacy Library Browse, is still available while we integrate the various websites and search features, you’ll find the link on the homepage.

We’re committed to making the Ultrapedia Library the best solution for searching and browsing public domain and out of copyright books. We think you’ll enjoy the new site, so please take a moment to visit us and discover a new and exciting way to search and browse our Library. Join us in the forum, we’re interested in your comments, views and feedback.

The site is still officially in beta, which means it works most of the time I guess, but if you like reading old books you might enjoy it. Its currently open to the public – with no adverts or other visible means of support.