8th January 2010 Library Updates

The New Year brings new Library updates. We have been busy in the run up to Christmas and New Year by dividing 1249 of the Books in the Library into 5607 Chapters and further edited the documents to remove some badly recognized characters and phrases. This results in cleaner reading, both in Quick View on the search results page and the downloadable PDF file, as well as swifter searches.

To summarize 5607 documents were added to the Library bringing the total number of documents to 127,283. We’ve also removed 1249 documents. With the new additions and the removed documents the library is now more fluid and refined, providing more targeted results and a more enjoyable read and reference source.

For a full listing of todays updates click here.

Featured in todays updates are: 

  • Climate Weather and Disease by Alfred Haviland in 1855
  • Our Hardy Grapes by J M Knowlton in 1863
  • Our Planet Its Past and Future by William Denton in 1873
  • Our Trade in the World in Relation to Foreign Competition by William Shaw Harris Gastrell in 1897
  • Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition by George Back in 1836
  • Mendelism by Reginald Crundall Punnett in 1911

This brings the total documents in the Library to 127,283 with the total number of pages at 4,088,388 and the total number of Bookmarks now standing at 586,656.