History of the World War

Archduke Ferdinand
Archduke Ferdinand

THE LITERARY DIGEST – History of the World War – Volume 1 (1914-1918). Compiled from Original and Contemporary Sources: American, British, French, German, and Others in ten volumes.

IN the first year of the war a press censorship, more severe than ever known before, was imposed on news from all battlefronts, the result being that it was not until long after events occurred that the public acquired any clear knowledge of them.

As the censorship, in the course of the second year, gradually relaxed, special correspondents were able to send dispatches from the fighting front and did not suffer from serious restrictions, conditions in which there came into existence a service, which, for efficiency and literary excellence, surpassed anything ever known in previous wars.

 Written by FRANCIS WHITING HALSEY in ten volumes, the History of the World War compiles reports from multiple sources.


BECAUSE a poor Bosnian student named Gavrio Prinzip, eighteen years old, fired two shots from a revolver which killed the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, Crown Prince of Austria, and his wife, the Duchess of Hohenberg, when driving through the streets of Serajevo in broad daylight in June, 1914, more than thirty states, great and small, entered into war.

Almost overnight was the world involved in this war, a conflict which transcended the Napoleonic Wars, as those dwarfed the Thirty Years’ War, and as that in turn dwarfed the Hundred Years’ War.