Certain Delightful English Towns

Certain Delightful English Towns by William Dean Howells.  Published in 1911.

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I have chosen this book because it was published one hundred years ago in 1911;  it is about England, and it is England seen through the eyes of an American visitor.

From the Authors Biographical: The sketches began to be written at London in the spring of 1904, as the first of them, frankly confesses, in a lodging of Eton Terrace, hard by Pimlico, and continued, at such moments as I could find for them, at diverse points in England, throughout the summer and in the winter of 1904-05 in Italy. I remember distinctly working on them in Great Malvern, where we had a fortnight; and in Aberystwyth, where we had a week; and in Llandudno, where we had two. But the greater part of London Films and some part of Certain Delightful English Towns were my eager occupation in the Villa Lamberti at San Remo. There I had a whole dining-table for my desk, and with a little stove at my back I could turn and warm my fingers on its porcelain top when the climate failed to keep its reputation for geniality. When the fire in the stove profited by my preoccupation to go out, I could follow it in my own sort, and in a brisk tramp up to the Berigo Road could keep an uninterrupted illusion of my English summer.