How to get the best from the Ultrapedia website

Thanks for helping beta-test the new Ultrapedia website. We sincerely hope that you enjoy exploring the new Ultrapedia Website as much as we have enjoyed making it.

If you are new to Ultrapedia here is a brief history of the project. Ultrapedia is one of several  projects currently in work at Secret Studio who are, among other things,  experts in digitizing all kinds of books and documents. Secret Studio operates one of the worlds largest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Farms. Our servers are fed a steady stream of books in the form of large PDF image files which are processed by the servers in the OCR Farm into Recognised versions of the book or publication.

The OCR technique we employ is very thorough, and uniquely, retains the look and feel of the original written book.  This allows the search engine to deliver almost a ‘carbon copy’ of the original page from the book, and not just a text extract from the original.
Optical Character Recognition not only shrinks the size of the books by up to 90%, but it also allows us to create a fully searchable version of the book. As new books are processed they are then indexed, split into single pages, and then published to the Ultrapedia Library Search. 

We launched Ultrapedia Library Search in April 2007. At that time we had indexed 2,760,581 individual pages. Our OCR Farm has continued churning away 24/7 – 7 days a week as well, and the Ultrapedia Library Search now contains 5,977,204 pages. Over the last eight months we have added approximately 400 thousand pages a month to the library. 

We have created this beta site as a jumping off point to introduce a browseable version of the Ultrapedia Library alongside the traditional Ultrapedia Search Engine. To help keep track of the fusion (or is it confusion) of these two vast information resources we have also incorporated the Ultrapedia Blog, and the Ultrapedia Support Forum.

To sum up; Ultrapedia Search Engine has been designed to deliver single pages from the Ultrapedia Library, and the Ultrapedia Library Browser has been designed so you can browse through the library and to download books –  if you are a registered user.

Just like the rest of the site, the User Login and Registration system are also under construction and may not work all the time. If your login or registration fails please try again later.
Remember ! If you do get a login failure you can always access  the Ultrapedia Blog where we will post live status reports of our servers,

Important ! We are not currently accepting New User Registrations from ‘ScreenName’ type email accounts such as MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc. …   sorry.