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Here you will find details of the latest books that we have recognised. So far we have recognised over 35 thousand public domain and out of copyright books. We have made around ten thousand books from the library available for full text search and retrieval at our website here.

Entering a search term into the Ultrapedia search engine will return a list of books. Clicking on the title of the book will display the first page in the book that the search term appears in. The books are stored on our servers as Adobe PDF files. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Professional the selected page will open there.

To navigate to the next book containing your search term click the ‘Next Doc’ button. Each page in the book is stored as an individual PDF document during initial testing, so the ‘First Hit’, ‘Next Hit’, and ‘Prev Hit’ are non-functional.

All the books in the Ultrapedia Library are recognized and stored so as to retain the same page formatting and fonts as the original book. The entire Ultrapedia Library has also been spell-checked and corrected with an overall success rate of approximately 95% over the entire collection.

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