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The Origin of the Bonaparte Family
Taken from the Introduction from the book The Napoleon Dynasty by Charles Edwards, published in 1852.

Charles BonaparteIt should not be forgotten that the Bonaparte Family sprang from Italian soil.  That wonderful peninsula has been the fruitful source of genius, and Empire, for nearly thirty centuries.  Whatever light the world has had, sprang from the Hebrews, the Greeks, or the Italians.  The last represent them all.  And thus we owe to them not our NEW WORLD only but all we arc and all we hope to be.  Italy no longer governs the world by arms, but she still asserts her dominion of ideas.  The intellect and the institutions of modern times have been moulded by the genius of Italy.

The object of the book is to furnish in a single volume, authentic biographies of the principal members of the Bonaparte Family.  To gather and arrange from many volumes into one, valuable, rare and interesting materials now floating on the turbid ocean of Modern History – beyond the reach of all but the adventurous, the curious, or the learned.

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