Key West Citizen

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Key West Citizen

Marcy Bradshaw Darnall

Thrown upon his own resources at the early age of fifteen years, Marcy B. Darnall has been printer, soldier, musician and editor, filing each station with credit to himself and taking up a new line only where his own best interests were thereby served.  His unremitting devotion to whatever work he was engaged in and inherent belief that only “by learning the business” could success be attained did much to smooth the pathway, and prepare him for grasping and handling opportunity when it became his so that it was an easy transition from bandmaster in the army to business manager of a daily newspaper. 

It was no unfamiliar field upon which he entered, nor was his natural ability to adapt himself to conditions as he found them his greatest help.  That lay in his preparedness acquired by reason of his devotion to his work in former years.  As business manager of  The Key West Citizen he seems to have “found his stride” as he has met with gratifying success and has plans full of promise for the future… 

…He was appointed chief musician or bandmaster in the regular army June 18, [1901], and assigned to the duty of organizing the newly authorized Ninth Artillery Band at Fort Riley, Kan.  While leader of this band he also edited the Fort Riley Guidon, a weekly paper devoted to the interests of the Garrison, at the same time continuing his writing for various musical journals.  His band was ordered to the Key West, Fla., barracks for duty and made the change of stations in July, 1904.  In November, [1905], he secured control of The Key West Citizen, a weekly newspaper, which he conducted with his wife’s assistance, for a year, and retained his army position.  In November, [1906], a consolidation was effected with The Daily InterOcean, and he resigned his position as bandmaster in the army to become business manager of the consolidated enterprise, which was incorporated as The Citizen Publishing Company, the paper retaining the name of The Key West Citizen.  Under Mr. Darnall’s management, with the assistance of his wife as circulation manager, the circulation of The Citizen has been increased nearly 100 per cent, the size of the paper has been doubled and the gross receipts have grown over 200 per cent, all in eighteen months.  His entry into business life was a distinct loss to the musical profession in which he was considered an authority, especially in band organization and management.

Excerpt from Makers of America Volume 3 by A B Caldwell – 1909

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