The Beginning of a New Chapter

Today marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one for us at Ultrapedia HQ – with the completion of our summer project to dramatically update and improve the library.

This involved major spelling corrections throughout the entire library and we’ve had a good stab at language modernisation (ie: replacing an old language word with the modern version of the word; a simple example is to replace ‘kinge’  with ‘king’).  We’re also experimenting with placing ‘hooks’ in dates by enclosing them in square brackets  [ ].  You will see them as you browse the text.

We’ve also expanded the library by an additional 44 years, by overcoming some system issues with speed and response times as well as ironing out a few bugs.

The Ultrapedia Library now contains over 100 years from 1820 to 1923;  with over 137,000 documents;  over 7 million pages, over 16 million different words and over 2.6 million distinct entities.

Today’s updates can be viewed here, or you might like to read some of our favourites:

  Diet of Worms   The Battle of Ticonderoga   The Witches of Warboys   Social Change and the Telegraph

Remember to use the search feature to get the best from the library, as the extracts here represent but a small fraction of what there is.