Ultrapedia Library – Browsing Explained – Part 1

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Recent library updates now show more detailed information on each book in the library. Let me explain….

The Library is browsable by Book Title, Book Author, Genre, Publisher and ASIN. Besides the Book Title and Author, each library entry has lots of additional information about the book.

You have to expand the Table View when browsing to see additional information. The Expanded View shows a thumbnail of the Title Page, as well as the Publisher, Genre, Release, Volume No, Pages, Format, LCCN, ISBN, Subject and Summary; plus links to Amazon and a Download link – to download the PDF file of the book. Let me tell you more about each feature and how it works.


Expanded View – Title Page and Thumbnail

Browsing the library – mouse over an Entry in the Table View – see example 1 – and click on it to expand the view – see example 2. Now you can see the full information on the book, including Publisher, Genre, Release, Volume No, Pages, Format, LCCN, ISBN, Subject and Summary. Clicking the ‘load’ button, loads a thumbnail of the Title Page – see example 3. The ‘open’ button opens a new browser window with an enlarged view of the thumbnail.

Example 1 – Table View

Mouse over an entry to highlight and click on it to expand the view


Example 2 – Expanded View

Click the ‘load’ button to load the Thumbnail of the Title Page


Example 3 – Expanded View

Loaded Title Page Thumbnail


The Amazon Link

Beside the thumbnail, is an Amazon Link and Download File link. The Amazon link opens in a new browser window and takes you to Amazon if there is a re-print of the book available. Where there is no link to Amazon, our Showcase page opens instead, just for fun.

Download File link

The Download File link will download a copy of the recognised version of the book in PDF format, to your computer. Remember to Login first or Register. Registering is free and only requires your email address.


The Author of the book.


The Publisher of the book.


Genre is similar to a category, class or style. Books can have multiple genre’s.


Release refers to the release date, or the year the book was published.

Volume No:

Refers to the Volume number of the book. You’ll see in example 4 below, that the Volume number is C – not a number at all. C means the book is complete in one volume.

Example 4 – Volume No

Here’s a list of other variations on the Volume No:

1 thru… = The numbers 1 onwards refer to the Volume number. Hansards Parliamentary Debates for example, has more than 300 volumes. You’ll find volume 304 in our library.

ALL = All the Volumes of a multi-volume set are available in one volume.

C = Complete in one volume – there is only one volume.

X = No Volume information available – The volume information generally comes from the title page of the book. In some cases the volume number isn’t marked on the title page, or the title page is missing or illegible.

Blank or empty field = No information available yet, and will be updated the near future.


The language the book is written in.


The number of pages in the book. It should be noted that there are some inconsistencies. The book Magna Britannia has over 280 pages, while the entry in the example 5 below shows ‘v’.

Example 5 – Expanded View

Shows incorrect number of pages in the expanded view

This blog entry forms part of our help and FAQ system and can be found on our website. Part two is coming soon.