War in the East – 31 Mar 1855

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Below is another excerpt from “The War” by William Howard Russell – War Correspondent to The Times Newspaper, its a daily account from the battlelines during the Crimean War (157 years ago).

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War in the East – 31 Mar 1855

Saturday 31 March 1855

The weather has changed once more. It is now very raw and cold, and threatens another snowstorm. Indeed, there is no security against frost and snow in the Crimea till April is over. There was little firing last night and this morning. The Russians are still engaged in strengthening and extending the advanced works before the Mamelon and the Round Tower, and their artillerymen keep a sharp eye on the new parallel of the French on our right, and on our own advanced parallel on the extreme of the left attack, into which they keep up a fire throughout the day.

As a proof of the extreme severity with which the war presses on the Russians, and of the losses to which they are subject, I may mention a fact, which is stated on excellent authority, that out of seven Admirals who were in command at Sebastopol, no less than five have died or been killed since the siege began.

General Osten-Sacken commands the army in the field outside Sebastopol, and it is understood that he has expressed a confident belief that his position is impregnable to assault. From the town itself we hear that the men are not on full rations, and that they get no pay. The soldiers are exceedingly discontented at the non-fulfilment of the promises held out to them that their arrears of pay should be made up to them. Much more do they grumble at not receiving their current pay.

Excerpt from The War 1855 by W H Russell – Correspondent to The Times.

This volume contains the letters of The Times Correspondent from the seat of war in the East – The Crimean War – the first war with war correspondents.


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