War in the East – 21 Apr 1855

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Below is another compelling installment from “The War” by William Howard Russell – War Correspondent to The Times Newspaper, it gives a daily account of events during the Crimean War (157 years ago).

The book and our excerpts cover from the landing at Gallipoli to the death of Lord Raglan.

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War in the East – 21 Apr 1855

The Crimean War (October 1853 – February 1856) was a conflict between the Russian Empire and an alliance of the French Empire, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia – most of the conflict took place on the Crimean Peninsula.

Saturday 21 April 1855

The advanced rifle pit was taken this morning by the English troops in the right attack after a feeble resistance from the Russian infantry, but we were exposed to loss from the fire of the guns in the Redan, and the 41st Regiment had fifteen men killed and wounded in the fire which the Russians opened upon us yesterday evening. The pit was levelled, filled in with earth, and the men then retired. The French, in extending their lodgment last night, had to overcome a very vigorous opposition, and suffered considerably from the fire of the enemy’s batteries inside the town, but they persisted, and have now fairly established themselves on the flanks of the Flagstaff.

There was a skirmish between the Cossacks and the Turks in the plain this morning.


Excerpt from The War 1855 by W H Russell – Correspondent to The Times.

This volume contains the letters of The Times Correspondent from the seat of war in the East – The Crimean War – the first war with war correspondents.


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