Napoleon Dynasty

Emperor Napoleon
Emperor Napoleon
Born at Corsica, August 15, 1769. Died at St Helena, May 5, 1821.Buried in the Hotel des Invalides, Paris. December 15, 1840.The first twenty-five years of Napoleon's life he was growing down - but when he started up, he shot to the stars. He has titles enough to greatness, without borrowing plumes from the gratuitous bedeckings of prurient writers. On every subsequent emergency he displayed capacity for which his contemporaries found no parallel. He outstripped the standard measurements of power in all its forms, and distanced competition at every step.In an age of Heroes he became the first of Soldiers - in an age of Kings the only monarch men feared - in a century and a country of trappings, and lace, and powder, the master of the only brilliant Court - in an age of a hundred Sovereigns, the only throne-maker. And whatever he built, he constructed out of Chaos.
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