A Book of North Wales

CONCERNING the purpose and scope of this little book I have but to repeat what I have said in the prefaces to my other works of the same nature—A Book of the West, A Book of Dartmoor, A Book of Brittany—that it is not intended as a Guide, but merely as an introduction to North Wales, for the use of intending visitors, that they may know something of the history of that delightful land they are about to see.
Welsh history is a puzzle to most Englishmen; accordingly I have made an attempt to simplify it sufficiently for the visitor to grasp its outlines. Without a knowledge of the history of a country in which one travels more than half its interest is lost.

1st March 2010 Library Updates

1st March 2010 Library Updates Today we added 7311 new documents to the Ultrapedia Library. Many are letters, lectures, journals, narratives and diaries from notable historical figures – they are a joy to read and explore. We hope you enjoy discovering them. We also continue to clean up the Library and have removed a further … Continue reading 1st March 2010 Library Updates

Historical Perspective on the Federal Reserve

We now have more need than ever for wise advice, so I have been delving around in our archives to see how our forefathers handled financial crises in the past. With this in mind I have included in this posting a few paragraphs from a debate between Professor Edwin Seligman, head of the Department of … Continue reading Historical Perspective on the Federal Reserve

A Short History of Philosophy – BIBLIOGRAPHY

BIBLIOGRAPHY  The works of writers mentioned in the text are not here cited. i. WHOLE PERIOD. Alaux, ‘Histoire de la Philosophic. 1882. Baumann, ‘ Geschichte der Philosophic’. 1890. Belfort Bax (Bohn’s). 3rd edition. 1904. Bergmann, ‘Geschichte der Philosophic’. 2 vols. 1892-1894. Brucker,’ Historia Critica Philosophiac’ 6 vols. 1797. Buhle,’ Lehrbuch der Geschichte der Philosophic’ 8 … Continue reading A Short History of Philosophy – BIBLIOGRAPHY