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Recognised Book Searching with the Google Mini Search Appliance

The much anticipated introduction of our Google Mini Search Appliance, is now online for searching the Ultrapedia Library!  You can try it out here.  
The search interface resembles the well known Google.com experience with which most of you are familiar, delivering relevant search results at record speed.
When you enter a search term for a book, the results will show a few sentences showing your search term in context, for each book found. The Google Mini Search appliance offers advanced search features too, so you can refine your search further; for example, search for an exact phrase;  all of the words, and with or without any of the words you are searching for.  
Once you’ve found the book you are searching for, click on the link to download the book.  Remember to login first, or, if you dont have a login yet you can register, which is free, and only asks for your name and email address so you can view or download books.  
Foreign Language Titles coming to the Ultrapedia Library 
We’ll soon be bringing online foreign language titles, including books in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Russian, Portuguese and Polish.  Something our foreign language visitors are looking forward to.  We’ll keep you posted via this blog.
There is also a new showcase section on the website, which you can view here.
We select a page from a book in our Library, and compare it side by side with the same page from the image only version of the book.  It is quite unique.  In the particular example we are showcasing is a page from A History of Greek Art by Frank Bigelow Tarbell – published in 1896.  Look closer and compare the two pages.  The left side is the recognised version, and the right side is the image only version.  You will see that the formating and presentation of the original book is preserved in the recognised version – making the recognised version a very close carbon copy of the original book.

Better browsing
Genre, Publisher and ASIN are three new browsing categories available for browsing the library, in addition to the book title and book author browsing categories already online.


Bibliography – British Malaya

The Bibliography below is from Sir Frank Swettenhams book British Malaya published in 1907.  It demonstrates how our Recognition techniques, reproduce a close digital ‘carbon copy’ of the bibliography in the original book, including formatting, different fonts and sizes (rather than plain text).

Download the complete Recognised version of the book here.

Our OCR Farm produces Recognised files in different formats.  This particular example is from a Microsoft Word 2007 document.  The document text was copied directly from Word and pasted into this WordPress blog posting.  Only a few minor punctuation corrections were necessary.

The fonts in the text below are Times New Roman 12pt, 9pt and 7pt,  Normal, Bold and italics.  Depending on your browser settings some of the smaller fonts maybe harder to see. 

Use the keys CTRL and + to enlarge the page in Internet Explorer, or the keys Command and + to enlarge the page in Safari or Firefox.

Bibliography from the book:

British Malaya by Sir Frank Swettenham -1907


With Title-page and Cover designed by PATTEN WILSON  Crown 8vo. 6s. Third Edition

Pall Mall Gazette.—” Sir Frank Swettenham’s style it simple and direct and vigorous. Particularly good is his eye for colour, and he has a fine sense of the brilliant melancholy of the East. To few falls the good fortune of introducing us to a new people, and seldom have we the advantage of so admirable a guide.”

Spectator.—”This is one of those books which exercise such a fascination upon the mind of the stay-at-home traveller. Stay-at-home though he may be, he has no difficulty in distinguishing the work of a genuine authority from the hasty and inexact impression of the idle globe-trotter.  ‘Malay Sketches’ will be speedily recognized by him as belonging to the more reliable kind of his favourite literature.”

Daily Chronicle.—” Nothing approaching Sir Frank Swettenham’s intimate knowledge and illuminative analysis has yet seen the light about that fascinating country which he so well describes.”


With Portrait of the Author. Crown 8vo. 6s. Fourth Edition

Athcnaum.Deep gratitude is due to Sir Frank for giving these letters to the world. . . . The happy description of Eastern life, the musings on great scenes, the stories and the utterances of social wisdom, are all delightful, and add body to a book remarkable for a rare delicacy and charm.”

Pall Mall Gazette.—” His narrative style is admirable, and his episodes are always interesting. One could read for many hours of the clever mongoose and tigers and crocodiles. … Sir Frank Swettenham has a pretty humour. . . .The style in which these ‘Unaddresscd Letters’  is written is excellent.”

Daily Chronicle, ” ‘Unaddressscd Letters’ is the revelation of a personality at once sympathetic and distinguished, imaginative, sensitive, emotional.”

Academy.We cordially welcome the book. It is a generous self-revelation of uncommon candour, in a form sufficiently unfamiliar to preserve the charm of novelty.”


Pen Pictures. Crown 8vo. 6s,

Manchester Guardian.Altogether this book, written by a man who has made a close study of the Malay and who possesses in a high degree the power of vivid description and subtle analysis of character, will be full of charm to any one who has an eye for the bright lights and deep shadows of the tropic r.ast.”

Daily Telegraph.— “A collection of masterly character sketches taken from the life, and illustrating a few of his most noteworthy personal experiences, acquired during a long sojourn in the Straits Settlements. All the character sketches, fifteen in number, are highly-finished works of art; pre-eminently so is a ‘genre’ picture of a malignant monkey, which proved fatal to every human being brought within the sphere of its baleful influence, and gave rise to long-protracted litigation.”