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28th March 2010 Library Updates

28th March 2010 Library Updates

With spring in the air and summer not far away we’ve selected a few titles below for your reading pleasure; coming from the 1066 new documents added to the Ultrapedia Library.

For a full listing of todays updates click here.

Topical books featured todays updates include:

  • A Serious Fall in the Value of Gold by William Stanley Jevons in 1863
  • A Synopsis of Popery by William Hogan in 1847
  • A System of Phrenology by George Combe in 1860
  • Animal Physiology by William Benjamin Carpenter in 1859
  • Annals of British Legislation in 1863
  • An Easter Offering for the Whigs by Henry Bathurst in 1842

This brings the total documents in the Library to 135,450 with the total number of pages at 4,305,982 and the total number of Bookmarks now standing at 592,999.