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The Fonts of all Knowledge.

One of the more perplexing problems we are trying to solve is a scheme to rationalise all the fonts used in the books. Our success in recreating the actual ‘look and feel’ of each book is mitigated by our inability to make a more exact match between the printed fonts and the on-screen fonts.Drop Caps and Large InitialsCertain books in the Ultrapedia Library are printed with a large ‘initial’ at the start of some chapters and paragraphs. Although our OCR system can sometimes detect and correct these anomolies it can give the text a ragged appearance, as the text will be reflown, justified or hyphenated incorrectly.The usual way of printing large initials is with the large initial aligned with the rest of the text on the line. If a large initial is aligned with the ‘top’ of the other characters in the line it is called a ‘Drop Cap’ which is much more problematical for us, as we cannot auto-correct it. Consequently, you may occasionally come across pages with enormous initials.