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Ultrapedia/Wikipedia Federated Search

19th July 2010 – Wikipedia Federated Search

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of Wikipedia federated searching to the Ultrapedia Library. What this means is that when you search the Ultrapedia Library for a given search term, the search results will also have an entry from Wikipedia at the top the the page.

Below are some example searches to help you get started and for you to try.

  • Tower Bridge London
  • Medieval Literature
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Julius Caesar

16th April 2010 Library Updates

1116 new documents were added to the Ultrapedia Library today.

For a full listing of todays updates click here


Featured Book – A Pictorial History of France

A Pictorial History of France


Topical books selected from todays updates include:

  • Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe by John Hewitt in 1860
  • An Enquiry into the Scriptural Views of Slavery by Albert Barnes in 1857
  • A History of New York by Washington Irving in 1854
  • A Pictorial History of France by Samuel Griswold Goodrich in 1861 **Featured**
  • A Practical Guide to Climates and Weather… by Henry Francis Blanford in 1889
  • The Queens of England and Their Times by Francis Lancelott
  • The Voyages and Travels of Captain Ross… by John Ross and others in 1838

This brings the total documents in the Library to 136,458 with the total number of pages at 4,301,630 and the total number of Bookmarks now standing at 596,237.

28th March 2010 Library Updates

28th March 2010 Library Updates

With spring in the air and summer not far away we’ve selected a few titles below for your reading pleasure; coming from the 1066 new documents added to the Ultrapedia Library.

For a full listing of todays updates click here.

Topical books featured todays updates include:

  • A Serious Fall in the Value of Gold by William Stanley Jevons in 1863
  • A Synopsis of Popery by William Hogan in 1847
  • A System of Phrenology by George Combe in 1860
  • Animal Physiology by William Benjamin Carpenter in 1859
  • Annals of British Legislation in 1863
  • An Easter Offering for the Whigs by Henry Bathurst in 1842

This brings the total documents in the Library to 135,450 with the total number of pages at 4,305,982 and the total number of Bookmarks now standing at 592,999.

8th January 2010 Library Updates

The New Year brings new Library updates. We have been busy in the run up to Christmas and New Year by dividing 1249 of the Books in the Library into 5607 Chapters and further edited the documents to remove some badly recognized characters and phrases. This results in cleaner reading, both in Quick View on the search results page and the downloadable PDF file, as well as swifter searches.

To summarize 5607 documents were added to the Library bringing the total number of documents to 127,283. We’ve also removed 1249 documents. With the new additions and the removed documents the library is now more fluid and refined, providing more targeted results and a more enjoyable read and reference source.

For a full listing of todays updates click here.

Featured in todays updates are: 

  • Climate Weather and Disease by Alfred Haviland in 1855
  • Our Hardy Grapes by J M Knowlton in 1863
  • Our Planet Its Past and Future by William Denton in 1873
  • Our Trade in the World in Relation to Foreign Competition by William Shaw Harris Gastrell in 1897
  • Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition by George Back in 1836
  • Mendelism by Reginald Crundall Punnett in 1911

This brings the total documents in the Library to 127,283 with the total number of pages at 4,088,388 and the total number of Bookmarks now standing at 586,656.

30th November 2009 Library Updates

4603 documents were added to the Library today bringing the total number of documents to 122,925. We’ve also removed 374 documents. With the new additions and the removed documents the library is now more fluid and refined, providing more targeted results and a more enjoyable read and reference source.

For a full listing of todays updates click here.

Featured in todays updates are:

  • A Simple Explanation of Modern Banking Customs by Humphrey Robinson in 1910
  • Campaigns and Cruises in Venezuela and Ned Grenada by William D Mahoney and Richard Longeville Vowell in 1831
  • The History of Cuba by Maturin Murray Ballou in 1854
  • History of Napoleon by George Moir Bussey in 1840
  • History of the War in Afghanistan by John William Kaye in 1851
  • The History of the Union of the Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland by Charles Coote in 1802
  • History of the Peace by Harriett Martineau

This brings the total documents in the Library to 122,925 with the total number of pages at 4,168,676 and the total number of Bookmarks now standing at 586,479.

New Ultrapedia Website

Since the beginning of the year we’ve been refining the Library, the search interface and website. The Library has had a major overhaul, and you’ll now find our books easier to read and access. We’ve removed what we call the ‘padding’ to a book, which is all the stuff that isn’t relevant to the main body or skews a search query; like adverts, indexes, lists and tables, and its then been divided into smaller sections, making reading and retrieval far more efficient. Plates or images from a book have also been spooled off and we’re working on their presentation – more on this another time.

The website has totally changed. After you’ve performed a search you’ll see a panel down the left-hand side. In the panel are two main headings Genre and Bookmarks; Bookmarks is further divided into three categories – People, Places and Footnotes.

Every book relevant to your search query is analysed and all the People, Places and Footnotes found in the book(s) are shown in the panel in ‘hit’ order, along with the Genre. This is particularly useful when you’re researching a subject you dont know a lot about. You can use the links in the panel to further drill down your search, its also gives you a fair indication of the importance of the people, places and footnotes in the book, as well as offering avenues of discovery you might not have otherwise thought of.

In the centre of your screen are your search results with a few lines from each book along with the book Title and Author. Select ‘Quick View’ to view the full text of the book, or View, to view or download the book in its native PDF format – all the hits are highlighted, with hit to hit navigation so you can easily jump between results.

Our legacy Library Browse, is still available while we integrate the various websites and search features, you’ll find the link on the homepage.

We’re committed to making the Ultrapedia Library the best solution for searching and browsing public domain and out of copyright books. We think you’ll enjoy the new site, so please take a moment to visit us and discover a new and exciting way to search and browse our Library. Join us in the forum, we’re interested in your comments, views and feedback.

The site is still officially in beta, which means it works most of the time I guess, but if you like reading old books you might enjoy it. Its currently open to the public – with no adverts or other visible means of support.

Google Mini Search Offline

We’ve had a major lightening strike, which has taken out the Google MIni Search interface. Its offline until further notice and the link on the website has been disabled.

The rest of our systems are unaffected. You can Browse the library as normal, by Book Title,  Book Author,  Genre,  Publisher, and ASIN or use the original Ultrapedia Search Interface for single page retrieval.

As a reminder the last library update introduced over 13,000 new titles into the library.




13,723 books added to the Ultrapedia Library

Its been a few months since we last made a post, as we’ve been working hard behind the scenes.  During this time our OCR farm has been busy producing new material for your browsing pleasure.

We’re pleased to announce we’ve added 13,723 english titles to the library – the total number of books in the library is now 35021 – up from 21298.

You’ll find new entries in library browse, by Title, Author  and Genre and over the next few days new entries will be added to Publisher and ASIN as well.


Recognised Book Searching with the Google Mini Search Appliance

The much anticipated introduction of our Google Mini Search Appliance, is now online for searching the Ultrapedia Library!  You can try it out here.  
The search interface resembles the well known Google.com experience with which most of you are familiar, delivering relevant search results at record speed.
When you enter a search term for a book, the results will show a few sentences showing your search term in context, for each book found. The Google Mini Search appliance offers advanced search features too, so you can refine your search further; for example, search for an exact phrase;  all of the words, and with or without any of the words you are searching for.  
Once you’ve found the book you are searching for, click on the link to download the book.  Remember to login first, or, if you dont have a login yet you can register, which is free, and only asks for your name and email address so you can view or download books.  
Foreign Language Titles coming to the Ultrapedia Library 
We’ll soon be bringing online foreign language titles, including books in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Russian, Portuguese and Polish.  Something our foreign language visitors are looking forward to.  We’ll keep you posted via this blog.
There is also a new showcase section on the website, which you can view here.
We select a page from a book in our Library, and compare it side by side with the same page from the image only version of the book.  It is quite unique.  In the particular example we are showcasing is a page from A History of Greek Art by Frank Bigelow Tarbell – published in 1896.  Look closer and compare the two pages.  The left side is the recognised version, and the right side is the image only version.  You will see that the formating and presentation of the original book is preserved in the recognised version – making the recognised version a very close carbon copy of the original book.

Better browsing
Genre, Publisher and ASIN are three new browsing categories available for browsing the library, in addition to the book title and book author browsing categories already online.