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Library Updates 26th Oct 2010

Another pass on the library this month has unearthed some literary gems that were lost on dusty selves for close to a century or more.

The Library now includes 128,447 documents. Featured in todays updates are:

  • Chronicles of London Bridge – 1827
  • The Railway Shareholders Manual – 1847
  • Leaves from the Diary of an Army Surgeon – 1863
  • Inquisition Unmasked – Vol 2-1816
  • The Scientific Monthly – Nov 1916
  • Popular Science Monthly – 1902

For a full listing of todays updates click here.

Library Updates 12th June 2010

12th June 2010

European Historical Collections

We’ve been busy working behind the scenes for the last few months. We want to bring the cream of the library to the surface in a natural manner, this equates to hands on work by a human rather than a computer, spending time reviewing and grading the library documents. The first pass is to remove documents that slipped through our filtering system, so we have removed 472 documents. The total documents in the library now stands at 135,555.

This months popular documents include:

  • Our Planet Its Past and Future by William Denton in 1873
  • Scientific American Journal
  • View Music & Moods virtual video illustrations from John Keats, Samuel Daniels, Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare
  • The Diplomacy of Revolution by William Henry Trescot

Google Mini Search Offline

We’ve had a major lightening strike, which has taken out the Google MIni Search interface. Its offline until further notice and the link on the website has been disabled.

The rest of our systems are unaffected. You can Browse the library as normal, by Book Title,  Book Author,  Genre,  Publisher, and ASIN or use the original Ultrapedia Search Interface for single page retrieval.

As a reminder the last library update introduced over 13,000 new titles into the library.




13,723 books added to the Ultrapedia Library

Its been a few months since we last made a post, as we’ve been working hard behind the scenes.  During this time our OCR farm has been busy producing new material for your browsing pleasure.

We’re pleased to announce we’ve added 13,723 english titles to the library – the total number of books in the library is now 35021 – up from 21298.

You’ll find new entries in library browse, by Title, Author  and Genre and over the next few days new entries will be added to Publisher and ASIN as well.