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Ultrapedia/Wikipedia Federated Search

19th July 2010 – Wikipedia Federated Search

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of Wikipedia federated searching to the Ultrapedia Library. What this means is that when you search the Ultrapedia Library for a given search term, the search results will also have an entry from Wikipedia at the top the the page.

Below are some example searches to help you get started and for you to try.

  • Tower Bridge London
  • Medieval Literature
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Julius Caesar

Library Updates 12th June 2010

12th June 2010

European Historical Collections

We’ve been busy working behind the scenes for the last few months. We want to bring the cream of the library to the surface in a natural manner, this equates to hands on work by a human rather than a computer, spending time reviewing and grading the library documents. The first pass is to remove documents that slipped through our filtering system, so we have removed 472 documents. The total documents in the library now stands at 135,555.

This months popular documents include:

  • Our Planet Its Past and Future by William Denton in 1873
  • Scientific American Journal
  • View Music & Moods virtual video illustrations from John Keats, Samuel Daniels, Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare
  • The Diplomacy of Revolution by William Henry Trescot

13th October 2009 Library Updates

We’re pleased to announce that the Ultrapedia Library now boasts over 100,000 documents, after adding 2550 new documents to the Library today. For a full listing of todays updates click here.

Featured in todays updates are: Americanized Delsarte Culture, The Art of Silk Culture, Art and Progress – Volume 3 – 1911, Clamet’s Great Dictionary of the Holy Bible, The Moral Instructor and additional issues of The Southwestern Reporter

All books with dual columns layouts are accented with a thumbnail coloured purple, while books with single colum layouts remain neutral in colour.

This brings the total documents in the Library to 101,344 with the total number of pages at 3,881,617, and the total number of Bookmarks now standing at 532,543

Ultrapedia Library Updates

Today we added 8837 new documents to the library.

Included are titles such as Western Barbary by Drummond-Hay, Travels in South Eastern Asia by Howard Malcolm, The Incidents of Malay Life by Richard James Wilkinson, The Industrial Transition in Japan by Yeijiro Ono.

This now brings the total documents in the Library to 77, 782, with the total number of pages at 3,569,508 and after some refinement to the Bookmarks they now stand at 484,670.